Our official statement on Syrian refugees

As Jews, we know all too well the suffering of war, oppression and hatred.  Our people have been refugees over and over, in every time and place.  We know what happens when refugees are refused admittance to safe countries, as happened to our people in the 1930s and 1940s, when xenophobia, fear and hatred denied European Jews safe haven.

Today’s refugees are Syrians, almost half a million of whom are displaced from their homes, terrorized by their own government, and victims of internecine hatred.  Thousands have been waiting in miserable refugee camps while they have been vetted for up to two years by the American government.  Those refugees have already been deemed safe to admit to America.

We call on the American government to admit Syrian refugees.  We call on the American people to welcome them.

Tri-Valley Cultural Jews.  Member community of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations.

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