About Us

Click here to find out more about us in our informational handbook.

We offer…

  • A welcoming community for those whose connection with being Jewish is through history, culture, family and a commitment to progressive social values.
  • An inclusive atmosphere comfortable for non-traditional families and households in which not everyone is Jewish.
  • Potlucks and programs: speakers, movies, discussions & great food!
  • Holiday celebrations and access to Secular Jewish life cycle ceremonies.
  • Jewish Culture School culminating in a Secular Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • The opportunity to participate in progressive social action.
  • A chance to learn about Jewish subjects without any expectations of prior knowledge or belief.
  • Membership in the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations and the benefits of membership, including scholarships.
  • A diverse, caring and interesting group of new friends.

What We Stand For

·       Judaism is the creation of the Jewish people.  All generations are responsible for carrying it forward and adding to it.

·       Only natural forces and human beings are responsible for what happens in this world.  People have the responsibility and ability to solve human problems through striving for equality, social justice and peace.

·       We believe in the equality and dignity of every human being, and in the power of community.

·       Religious belief is a private matter properly taught in the family.  The state should have no religious functions.  We support the separation of church and state.

·       A Jew is someone who identifies with the history, people, culture and fate of the Jews.

·       The freedom and dignity of the Jewish people  must go hand-in-hand with the freedom and dignity of all peoples.

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