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Jew(ish) is an extremely fun blog by a young Secular Jewish woman about being a Secular Jew in non-Jewish society, among other Jews and in a Secular Jewish community. Check it out!

Progressive Jewish Alliance works on marriage equality, labor rights, the death penalty and other social action issues.

Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations represents Secular and Humanistic Jewish communities in the US and Canada.

Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring is a sister organization to the CSJO. Its mission is to advance Yiddish culture and social justice. There is a branch based in San Francisco.

The Keshet blog is a place for musings on all things LGBTQ and Jewish.

Interfaithfamily.com is a resource for families of mixed cultural and religious heritages.  There’s information, connections to community resources and interesting articles.

Hebrew Free Loan provides zero-interest loans at no cost to Jewish individuals in Northern California to help them achieve their dreams.


Other Secular Jewish Organizations

Do you need to find another Secular/Humanistic/Cutural organization on the West Coast? Here’s a map showing them all.

Are we too far for you to travel? For a great Sunday School for kids in Berkeley, try East Bay Kindershul. If you’re looking for a more congregational setting, try the Humanist congregation, Kol Hadash.

BayJews.org has lots of listings for other Jewish stuff to do in the Bay Area.

Batchgeo.com has put together this map of West Coast secular Jewish organizations.

Peretz Center for Secular Jewish Culture Dedicated to ensuring the continuity of secular Jewish culture and humanist thought

The Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound The Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound celebrates Jewish heritage in a supportive, non-religious community. SJC members are diverse, but all share a commitment to Jewish culture and community.

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