Life Cycle Observances

Life cycle observances are facilitated and officiated by Secular Humanistic Rabbi Judith Seid and Secular Humanistic Leader in training, Jamie Ireland. Both are life-long Secular Jews trained by the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism based in Jerusalem and Detroit.

Baby Naming – In the Secular Jewish tradition, boy babies and girl babies are treated equally with the same ceremony for each. Babies are welcomed into the community and given their names.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah – Our Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a Secular coming-of-age ceremony in which 13-year-olds (or those older) demonstrate what they have learned about Jewish culture, history and tradition and what it means to them. Our celebrations are modest and meaningful.

Weddings – Rabbi Seid works with each couple to create a ceremony that expresses exactly what the couple believes. She is happy to perform marriages between people of the same or different sexes and religions.

Funerals – Secular funerals honor the deceased with poems, readings and music that express their lives.

All life cycle observances are provided without cost to TVCJ members. Non-members are asked to make a donation for a baby-naming or funeral. Rabbi Seid’s fees for weddings vary. Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah training and ceremonies are available only to members.

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