Passover Open House

Join our Jewish Cultural School on April 10th for a special Passover Open House. Make some matzoh, learn some songs and practice the Four Questions in four languages. We meet outside with masks on to keep everyone safe. Kid centered, but open to everyone.

Email or call 925-399-8029 for an Evite.

Women’s History Virtual Havdalah

Women: more than just wombs with legs! Join us on Zoom on March 19th for a Havdalah in honor of Women’s History. Think of a woman who’s notable for more than her uterus. We’ll have a short Secular, Humanistic ceremony followed by a few rounds of 20 Questions where we’ll all try to guess your Woman of Note. Who knows what we’ll ask, so be prepared!

Day: March 19

Time: 7:00p.m.

Place: Zoom  

Cost:  Free to members, $10.00 suggested donation for non-members. Questions? Contact us at or call 925-399-8029.

Eden Area Interfaith Council Blood Drive

We joined our friends at the Eden Area Interfaith Council in February to contribute to the American Red Cross blood drive they hosted. Our team registered 37 total donors, collected 36 pints of blood, and recruited 9 first-time donors. Our efforts have helped boost the community blood supply and ensure hospital patients have the lifesaving blood they need.

JCS Happenings

We cWe covered so much ground in JCS! We talked about the migration of Jews from Eastern Europe to the U.S. and what it was like to go through Ellis Island. The Jews leaving Eastern Europe were looking for a safe place to live. We tied that into our upcoming celebration of Purim—our yearly holiday reminding us that tyrants have always existed and that there is always a need to speak truth to power. We made food that immigrants might have enjoyed—soft pretzels with optional yellow mustard (yum!)–and played some games their kids probably knew: hopscotch and Shimon Zogt (Simmon Says in Yiddish). 

TVCJ Rabbi Judith Seid Signed the Rabbis for Repro Pledge

We’re proud that the Secular Humanistic movement has always supported the right to bodily autonomy and that our rabbi has signed on to this effort.

We must not remain idle while barriers to health care place any individual’s health, well-being, autonomy, or economic security at risk. And rabbis can help lead the fight for reproductive health, rights, and justice by educating their communities.

Will you join us and take the pledge to speak about reproductive rights in your rabbinic capacity this year?
The pledge can be found here.

How Is Social Justice Related To Humanism?

Tuesday, February 22
Nadya Dutchin, the new executive director of the American Humanist Association, details the relationship between humanism and social justice. Building on the rich legacy of the humanist movement, we ensure the next generation of humanists have a powerful, active network that demands policies to ensure that safety, dignity, justice, equality, and agency are equally accessible to all people.

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JCS Happenings

Our Jewish Culture School students wanted to share this blurb from their 2/13/22 class:

Jews might have fought on both sides of the Civil War, but one thing remained the same: hardtack is pretty terrible! While most Jews did not support the South, we talked about how some Jews were able to justify slavery (hint: just because people did it in the Torah, doesn’t make it a good idea), baked some hardtack that really lived up to its name, and sang some freedom songs.

Interfaith Interconnect Religion Chat

Dear Interfaith Friends,

You are invited to our next virtual
Interfaith Interconnect Religion Chat
Wednesday, March 9, via Zoom.
Presentations: 5-6 p.m. Optional breakout discussion groups: 6-6:30 p.m.
We will present the 3rd program in our series,
“What holy books or other texts are important to your religion?” 

Speakers: Pastor John Bost,  Holy Cross Lutheran Church Livermore and Dr. Asad Tarsin, Muslim Community Center East Bay Pleasanton. 

Zoom room will open at 4:45.
All are welcome!
The series will conclude on April 13, so be sure to save that date too!

If you missed the February 9 Religion Chat with speakers Rev. Ellie Kilpatrick of Unitarian Universalist Church Livermore and Mr. Bruce Bird, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, here is the link to the recording.

We look forward to seeing you on March 9!
Ruth Gasten and Marcia Elchesen
Interfaith Interconnect Leadership Committee