We’re Changing Our Name!

But to what?  At the annual meeting, we agreed that Tri-Valley Cultural Jews no longer expresses who we really are.  Our membership ranges far outside the Dublin-Pleasanton-Livermore area to include Brentwood, San Ramon, Fremont and Castro Valley, and we want people in the wider area to know they have a place to belong.

Two issues to resolve are whether we need to indicate our geographical area (“Tri-Valley) and how to describe ourselves (“Cultural Jews).  Do we want to say where we are located, or will just a description suffice, as it does for our sister organization, Sholem, in Los Angeles.  And do we name ourselves in English, Hebrew, Yiddish or a combination of all?  And how do we express our core values in our name?  Do we call ourselves Beit Yerushateynu (house of our heritage), Kehillat Tzedek (Justice Community) or Hiloni (freethinking)?  Or do we say “cultural,” “secular,” “gods-free,” or “freethinkers?”

So, weigh in!  Suggest names, pieces of names, combinations of names.  Here’s a start: East Counties Jewish Freethinkers.  Cultural Jews of the East Bay, Kehillat Hilonim.

Anyone can suggest a name – or several names, but only members can vote.  (If you’d like to join, please let us know!  We’d be delighted to welcome you into our community.)

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