TVCJ Statement on Hamas’ Attack on Israel – 10/12/23

The terrorist Hamas attack against civilians in Israel, leaving over a thousand Israelis dead, is horrifying and inexcusable. No provocation by the Israeli government or right-wing settlers can excuse these outrageous war crimes.

With the death toll in Gaza now approaching a thousand, both Israelis and Gazans are living in terror for their lives, the lives of their children and the lives of the hostages taken by Hamas. We support Israel’s right to defend itself and call upon Israel to act within international law in its response.

Only justice for all who live in the region can ensure a lasting peace. Israel’s existence as well as rights for Palestinians must be assured.

Here are some resources with information on the history and what’s going on now:

Here’s how you can help:

New Israel Fund – help for vulnerable communities in Israel, including Bedouin villages

Dror – daycare and counselors for kids who have been evacuated from the border and those whose parents are missing or have been called up to serve in the military

Magen David Adom – Israel’s Red Cross sends their 1400 ambulances even into areas under fire

Soroka Medical Center – the only major hospital in the Negev region.

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