Shavous / Annual Meeting

Light tan background Tri-Valley Cultural Jews, Secular, Humanist,, (925) 399-8029, Shavuos and Annual Meeting, book opening with flowers outlined in purple blooming from the center of the book. Make choices about TVCJ's future, share your favorite book and potluck. June 9, 2024, 10:30-12, Pleasanton, CA.

It’s time to celebrate Shavuous! Share the best book you read this year at our Shavuous Celebration and don’t forget to bring something delicious for the potluck (it’s our dairy holiday, so creamy things are welcome!) 
Afterwards we’ll gather for our Annual Meeting where we’ll make decisions about the future of TVCJ. Art supplies will be available for any kids who stick around after Shavuous.
TVCJ is an accepting, welcoming, diverse community of Cultural Jews and their families, affiliated with CSJO. Email us at or call (925) 399-8029 for location or want to find out more about our community. You can find us at

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