Jewish Culture School


Looking for a secular/cultural Jewish experience for your kids? Join us for another joyful year of Jewish Cultural School! We’ll be singing, dancing and cooking our traditions as we explore this year’s topic of Jews in America, Colonial Times through Modern Day. Instruction provided for Kindergarten through Brit Mitzvah (ages 5-14). Outdoor, masked meetings until further notice. Centrally located in Pleasanton.

Schedule for 2021-2022: 

(‘JCS’ indicates classes held in Pleasanton. Holiday celebrations will be held at other locations) 

— 29th 1st day of JCS
— 6th Rosh Hashanah
— 12th JCS
— 15th Kol Nidre
— 19th Succos
— 3rd JCS
— 17th JCS
— 31st JCS
—14th JCS
— 28th Hanukkah party (AM)
— 12th JCS
— 2nd JCS
— 16th Tu B’shvat
— 30th JCS
— 13th JCS
— 27th JCS
— 13th Purim
— 27th JCS
— 10th JCS
— 16th Passover Seder
— 24th JCS
— 1st JCS
— 15th Lag B’Omer Picnic
— 29th JCS

-Judy (middle and older kids), Jamie (Brit Mitzvah) and Jazz (youngest kids)


6 thoughts on “Jewish Culture School

  1. Hoping you can help — I recently discovered SHJ and started a small group locally, but my oldest turns 12 next month, and I’m running out of time to grow us a community from the grassroots up. I tried our local Reform synagogue last year, but it just isn’t a good fit. A friend suggested I search out CSJO groups to see if you might be willing and able to take on a couple of FL kids (since everything is online now anyway). Is that possible?

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